Why Prometheus X?

Use Cases

A successful theory mirrors in a practical example and this is why we have around 30 use cases at Prometheus-X which show the importance of our mission. Use cases refer to our everyday live situations and present solutions for struggles individuals face. At Prometheus-X we work along clear goals and present concrete examples where and how data spaces for education, reskilling, and upskilling will be used in the best possible way.

Organizational-level skill gap analysis

Bridging the Skills Gap: A Game-Changer for Strategic Workforce Development

In today’s rapidly changing professional world, staying ahead means not only keeping pace with change itself, but actively forecasting and closing the resulting skills gaps. At imc AG, we have developed a use case that is changing the way companies approach this challenge: skills gap analysis at the organizational level.

Lifelong availability of learning data (DAPO-X)

Empowering Lifelong Learners through Revolutionary Data Portability: The DAPO-X Initiative

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where knowledge and skills constantly adapt to technological advancements, continuous learning is essential. Yet, learners navigating through various educational stages—from K12 to higher education and professional training—encounter a significant hurdle: managing and transferring their learning data across diverse platforms and institutions. The DAPO-X initiative, led by Inokufu, introduces an innovative solution set to transform the management of educational data.

Enhance GEN_SCAN and create a digital skills assessment tool

Unlocking Career Opportunities in the Digital Sector
The GEN_SCAN Enhancement Initiative

In the bustling realm of technology, the digital sector continually evolves, demanding both current and aspiring professionals to frequently update their skills. Recognizing this dynamic, Grande Ecole du Numérique (GEN) has taken a proactive step with its latest initiative to enhance the GEN_SCAN observatory and develop a pioneering digital skills assessment tool. This development aims to streamline the pathway for individuals aiming to navigate or transition within the digital job market in France.

EU Job Matching for Koreans

Transforming Global Employment: The PINOT Initiative

In the active world of global employment, the launch of the PINOT (Pathways for International Networking and Opportunity Transformation) initiative is an important step towards simplifying the complicated landscape of international labor markets. This initiative is a symbol of innovation driven by the joint efforts of Solideosystems Co, Ltd, Visions and Headai, each showcasing their unique technological expertise.

Skills for World of Work for Students in LAB

Bridging Skills and Opportunities: The LAB Initiative for Global Career Advancement

As daily professional demands evolve and shift, access to personalized training that aligns closely with individual skills and career aspirations is not just beneficial—it’s crucial. The LAB initiative, led by industry leaders such as HeadAI, Inokufu, Rejustify, and Edunao, addresses this critical need by delivering personalized training recommendations globally. This initiative aims to enhance employability and foster lifelong learning, preparing individuals for successful careers.

Learning Traces of Teachers

Rethinking Resource Reviews in Education: A New Approach to Learning Analytics

In an effort to improve educational outcomes, traditional methods of assessing and improving learning resources have often become disconnected from the reality of teaching and course design. At the core of this problem is a fundamental question: how can we ensure that the resources used in education truly meet the needs of teachers and learners? A new initiative, led by Inokufu in collaboration with partners Ikigai and Edtake, proposes an innovative solution that seeks to bridge this gap through technology and collaborative insights.

Skill Gaps Analytics for Students

Enabling Students to Align Skills with Opportunities: The Schülerkarriere Initiative

In the competitive job market of today, it is becoming increasingly important to match educational outcomes with career opportunities. This initiative, led by Schülerkarriere GmbH and its partners Mindmatcher, HeadAI, imc, Ikigai and Ventr Solutions, takes an innovative approach to career guidance for the next generation of professionals.

Skills Matching - Matching learning achievements with skills ontologies

The Essence of Customized Learning: A New Approach Within Moodle

In the educational landscape, the pursuit of knowledge has often followed the principles of Socratic dialogue, encouraging deep, personal engagement with learning. Yet, as we look to the future of education technology, a new challenge emerges: how can we integrate the vast and varied learning achievements of individuals in a way that aligns with their professional aspirations and needs? This challenge is central to a new initiative that uses Moodle’s comprehensive features to revolutionize the way training organizations and HR departments implement individualized, skills-based education.

HighEd Student Data Analysis

How HighEd Student Data Analysis is Transforming Career Paths

Due to rapid technological advancements, the pathways of education and employment are constantly merging and adapting, making it essential to align student skills with the ever-evolving demands of the job market. At BME, we recognize the potential of every student and aim to leverage this potential by fine-tuning their career trajectories through data-driven insights. Our initiative focuses on decentralized skill analytics and forecasting, aiming to elevate the way students plan their future careers through clear, actionable guidance rooted in comprehensive data analysis.

Up- and Reskilling of Employees within an Organization

Rethinking Skills Management 

The core of true learning lies not only in acquiring new knowledge, but learning from the past, for the future; in the corporate realm, this involves a strategic bridging of the gap between existing skills and emerging requirements. Today, in times when adaptability and constant learning determine economic success, this mixture is particularly important. Imc AG’s latest European Skills Dataspace initiative embodies this by revolutionizing the way companies approach employee development. Imc AG’s latest initiative within the European Skills Dataspace embodies this ethos by revolutionizing the way companies approach employee development.

Trusted Ecosystem for Skills Foresight

Towards a New Horizon in Skills Forecasting

Where mastering and applying knowledge form the keystone of progress, the ability to foresee and shape future skills becomes a substantial element of organizational success. Led by HeadAI, our initiative, the Trusted Ecosystem for Skills Foresight, engages deeply with the fundamental aspects of this challenge, aiming not simply to navigate through the existing landscape but to sculpt a new terrain where foresight becomes as natural as hindsight.

Learning traces from websites and browsing activities (WALLY)

At a time when everyone’s digital footprint is as extensive as the learning opportunities outside formal structures, the quest to fairly leverage this wealth of data presents an exciting challenge for educational technology. Situated at the intersection of innovation and education, Inokufu‘s WALLY project represents a ground-breaking approach to capturing and understanding learning.