Train STEAM with Dynamic Maths


Transforming Education: A Unified Approach to STEAM with Dynamic Maths

As education continuously transforms, the true test lies in how we integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) to prepare the next generation. It’s not merely about recognizing the potential of these fields; it’s about finding innovative ways to synchronize and improve learning experiences across different platforms and international boundaries. This vision forms the core of the “Train STEAM with Dynamic Maths” initiative, driven by Cabrilog.

Right now, learning experiences are often confined to individual platforms, which restricts the sharing of valuable learning traces and resources, ultimately leading to a fragmented educational journey with incomplete coverage. When activities on one platform or in one country don’t align with or integrate into those on another, students end up with a disjointed learning process, especially as they move between different educational environments. This lack of cohesion makes it difficult for students to benefit fully from the educational resources available to them.

Mission: Synchronize Global Learning

Our mission is clear: to transform STEAM education through the seamless synchronization and sharing of learning traces and resources. By capturing and analyzing data from various learning activities, we want to create a connected educational environment where students can have continuous and connected learning experiences regardless of their location.

Solution Approach & Results

Our approach tackles these challenges head-on by creating a system where learning traces and resources can be shared and synchronized across different platforms and countries. To achieve this, our initiative involves several key steps:

  1. Data Exchange We will make it possible and allowed to exchange learning traces from different platforms to ensure that data produced in one platform becomes relevant to other platforms, even if these take place in different countries.

  2. Cross-Platform Correspondence By creating a correspondence between skills and competencies on different platforms, we will facilitate a continuous learning experience for students, independent of where they are learning (school, home, homework institution).

  3. Using technology to improve The data collected will be used to support and improve STEAM learning by providing insights to better tailor educational content to individual learning pathways in each platform.

We expect improved coherence in student learning, better educational outcomes and a more connected global education community.

Partners involved

The success of this initiative depends on the collaboration of various partners:

Orchestrator: Cabrilog

Data providers and recipients: ProfEnPoche, Antares, Cabrilog, Inokufu

This initiative welcomes all educational organizations eager to refine the tracking and sharing of learning activities across various platforms and borders. By joining, these organizations not only contribute to but also reap the benefits of a holistic, data-driven strategy for STEAM education.

Train STEAM with Dynamic Maths” goes beyond being merely a project; it is a dedicated effort to strengthen educational practices through the creative use of technology and data. This initiative extends an invitation to investors who wish to support a scalable and impactful solution, addressing essential needs in the global education sector. By choosing to invest in this initiative, stakeholders have the opportunity to significantly influence the future of STEAM learning, ensuring that students around the world gain a comprehensive access to interconnected, high-quality educational experiences.