Learning traces of teachers and course designers (WikiLOM)


Rethinking Resource Reviews in Education: A New Approach to Learning Analytics

In an effort to improve educational outcomes, traditional methods of assessing and improving learning resources have often become disconnected from the reality of teaching and course design. At the core of this problem is a fundamental question: how can we ensure that the resources used in education truly meet the needs of teachers and learners? A new initiative, led by Inokufu in collaboration with partners Ikigai and Edtake, proposes an innovative solution that seeks to bridge this gap through technology and collaborative insights.

The use case, known as WikiLOM (Wiki for Learning Object Metadata) initiative, centers around a novel browser extension for Chrome called Learning Object Metadata Crowd Tagging (LOMCT). This tool enables teachers and course designers to easily rate and annotate learning materials such as videos, courses and documents. With the ability to directly add or edit metadata and reviews, the initiative aims to improve the visibility and usefulness of educational resources across platforms.

Navigating Disparities in the Educational Landscape

Currently, educational content platforms such as YouTube and Wikipedia offer very different experiences in terms of resource verification and metadata visibility. This inconsistency can obscure the quality and relevance of learning materials, making it difficult for teachers to select optimal resources for their students. Moreover, the legitimacy of reviewers often remains unchecked, causing educators to doubt the reliability of feedback.

The LOMCT extension addresses these challenges by providing a unified interface through which teachers can contribute to and access reviews and enrich metadata. This collaborative approach not only improves the accuracy of resource selection, but also makes this data easily accessible to other educators through a network of distributed Learning Record Stores (LRS). This connectivity ensures that valuable insights can be shared and used effectively, promoting a more cohesive educational environment.

The mission of the WikiLOM initiative is fourfold:

  1. Empower Pedagogical Experts: By giving experts the opportunity to share their insights, the initiative helps to clarify the educational value of each resource

  2. Highlight Effective Learning Objects: Analysing the reviews helps identify the most pedagogically effective materials

  3. Enhance Metadata Quality: Suggestions for enriching metadata improve the data quality of resources

  4. Boost Resource Discoverability: Improved reviews and measures contribute to better visibility and discoverability of learning objects and help educators find the most appropriate materials for their courses

Results and Progress

The early implementation of the LOMCT tool is showing promising results in streamlining the review process and improving the discoverability of resources. By facilitating access to educational resources and making their assessments more reliable, the initiative supports a more informed selection of learning materials tailored to the specific needs of different educational contexts.

Engagement and Expansion

Currently, this use case is open to all educational institutions wishing to improve the quality and discoverability of their educational resources. As the project progresses, there is promising potential for expansion and adaptation to different educational environments, signaling a significant shift in the way educational content is curated and assessed. Inokufu’s WikiLOM initiative, in collaboration with Ikigai and Edtake, represents a significant step forward in educational technology. By integrating detailed, reliable ratings directly into the browsing experience, this approach not only streamlines the resource evaluation process, but also improves the overall metadata quality of educational content, making it more attractive to investors interested in the future of educational technology.

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