Lifelong availability of learning data (DAPO-X)


Empowering Lifelong Learners through Revolutionary Data Portability: The DAPO-X Initiative

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where knowledge and skills constantly adapt to technological advancements, continuous learning is essential. Yet, learners navigating through various educational stages—from K12 to higher education and professional training—encounter a significant hurdle: how to manage and transfer their learning data scattered across diverse platforms and institutions? The DAPO-X initiative, led by Inokufu, introduces an innovative solution set to transform the portability of educational data.

Understanding the Need for DAPO-X

The path of lifelong learning generates vast amounts of data, essential for tracking educational progress and skill acquisition. However, stringent data handling and privacy regulations, like the EU’s GDPR, often restrict the full utilization of the learning data. These limitations prevent the reckless transfer of information across educational and professional platforms, thereby constraining the potential for tailored education and comprehensive skills validation.

The Revolutionary Solution – Personal Learning Record Store (PLRS)

At the core of the DAPO-X initiative is the Personal Learning Record Store (PLRS), innovatively developed in collaboration with Cozy Cloud. This app empowers learners to own their educational data, securely hosted on their chosen cloud or local storage device. The PLRS enables individuals to manage and share their learning traces throughout their lifetime, ensuring that their educational journey is both portable and accessible at any time.

Advantages of PLRS: Empowering Learners and Educators

  • Data Ownership and Control Learners have the autonomy to store their data securely and decide on sharing terms, enhancing control over their educational records.

  • Holistic View PLRS integrates all learning data, providing a comprehensive overview of educational progress on a single app.

  • Progress Monitoring Sharing data with educational organizations allows for personalized feedback and consistent progress tracking.

  • Skill Validation Learning traces act as verifiable evidence of skill mastery, crucial for career development and academic achievements.

  • Enhanced Personalization PLRS analyzes educational data to recommend customized content, enhancing the learning experience.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborative Success

DAPO-X is bolstered by a strong network of partners and service providers, including Cozy Cloud for PLRS development and Rejustify for data translation. Data providers like Ikigai, Profenpoche, and the University of Koblenz play a crucial role in enriching our ecosystem with diverse educational resources.

Open Invitation to Participate

With the second testing phase commencing in Q2 2025, we warmly invite training organizations to join us in championing data portability and personalized education. The first wave of adopters is already experiencing PLRS’s transformative effects, and we are eager to extend these benefits to more institutions. In an era prioritizing data mobility, interoperability and personalized learning, DAPO-X shines as an enabler of innovation and empowerment. We call on investors and educators to participate in this venture, which promises to not only modernize education but also to redefine future learning landscapes globally. Your engagement will support empowering learners worldwide, turning lifelong education into a dynamic and rewarding journey.