Enhance GEN_SCAN and create a digital skills assessment tool


Unlocking Career Opportunities in the Digital Sector The GEN_SCAN Enhancement Initiative

In the bustling realm of technology, the digital sector continually evolves, demanding both current and aspiring professionals to frequently update their skills. Recognizing this dynamic, Grande Ecole du Numérique (GEN) has taken a proactive step with its latest initiative to enhance the GEN_SCAN observatory and develop a pioneering digital skills assessment tool. This development aims to streamline the pathway for individuals aiming to navigate or transition within the digital job market in France.

GEN’s Mission

Grande Ecole du Numérique has been at the forefront of promoting digital sector training in France. With a suite of tools including a comprehensive search engine for training programs, a digital job map, and detailed job sheets, GEN has significantly contributed to the sector’s understanding and accessibility. The observatory, known as GEN_SCAN, provides insights into the sector’s needs and is now set to receive a substantial upgrade that integrates skills requirements for each position cataloged.

Enhancing GEN_SCAN – A Dual Approach

The enhancement of GEN_SCAN involves a twofold strategy:
Digital Job Map Update This essential resource will be regularly refreshed through triannual workshops with key stakeholders in France’s digital ecosystem. The update will incorporate essential soft and hard skills needed for each job role, making this map a definitive guide for the digital employment landscape in France. It will also be accessible via open data and an open API, ensuring wide availability.
Incorporation of Advanced Data Tools The second aspect of the enhancement includes integrating new data visualization, analysis, and forecasting tools within GEN_SCAN. This upgrade aims to provide a clearer understanding of the digital market landscape in France, aiding diverse users including companies, government entities, researchers, and students.

Bridging Skills with Opportunities – The Digital Skills Assessment Tool

A cornerstone of this initiative is the development of a digital skills assessment tool hosted on GEN’s website. This innovative tool will assist users in identifying suitable digital careers based on their skills through interactive games/tests and résumé uploads. The tool will automatically match users’ skills with those required in the digital job map and suggest appropriate training programs for those looking to upskill or reskill. This personalized approach will demystify the digital sector, making it accessible and navigable for everyone.

A Step Towards a Skilled Digital Workforce in Line with Company Needs

The enhanced GEN_SCAN and the new digital skills assessment tool are designed not just to inform but to actively support job seekers and professionals in the digital sector. By providing detailed, up-to-date information and practical tools for skills assessment, GEN is paving the way for a well-informed digital workforce in France.

Under the patronage of the French Government, this initiative aims not only to enrich the platform with valuable data and insights but also to promote the vitality and accessibility of the digital sector across France. It is a strategic opportunity to engage with a project that is set to shape the future of digital education and employment, offering substantial returns in both social and economic dimensions.