Learning traces from websites and browsing activities (WALLY)


At a time when everyone’s digital footprint is as extensive as the learning opportunities outside formal structures, the quest to fairly leverage this wealth of data presents an exciting challenge for educational technology. Situated at the intersection of innovation and education, Inokufu‘s WALLY project represents a ground-breaking approach to capturing and understanding learning.

Hello, WALLY

The internet is a vast educational resource, yet the insights it holds often slip through the analytical cracks of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). Recognizing this gap, WALLY aims to bridge it by implementing a plugin that captures web-based learning activities and structures them into coherent, actionable data using the standard xAPI format. This initiative ensures that no valuable learning traces are lost in the ether, but that they are captured, analyzed, and used to improve educational outcomes while respecting learner’s privacy and ownership over their data.

WALLY’s mission is multi-faceted and driven by the goal to revolutionize personalized education:

  • Personalization of Learning By analyzing complete learning histories, both within LMS environments and through web browsing, WALLY offers tailored educational experiences that adapt to individual learning curves and preferences.


  • Holistic Learning Views Through the aggregation of browsing traces from multiple sources, educators can now gain a full perspective of a learner’s lifelong journey, creating opportunities to enrich and adjust educational pathways.


  • Empowerment Through Consent Respecting privacy, WALLY allows learners to manage consent for tracking, offering customizable settings that define when, how, and what aspects of their web activities are monitored.


  • Enhanced Tracking Outside LMS For edtech firms and training organizations, WALLY provides tools to easily track learners’ activities beyond conventional platforms.

Technological Implementation and Outcomes

The technical solution at the heart of WALLY is the Web Analytics Learning Records Universal Connector (WALRUC). This tool facilitates the seamless integration of web analytics data into Learning Record Stores (LRS), transforming raw tracking data into standardized xAPI statements. This not only enriches the data pool but also enhances the granularity and accuracy of learning analytics.

Initial development efforts are showing promising results. The integration capability offered by WALRUC starts to redefine how educators interpret online learning activities, turning every web interaction into a potential learning insight.

Collaboration and Participation

The collaborative framework of WALLY involves notable partners such as CNAM, Inokufu, and Ikigai, playing pivotal roles as both data providers and consumers. This symbiotic ecosystem underscores the project’s communal approach and its commitment to advancing education through shared knowledge and resources.

Open to training and educational organizations eager to deepen their analytical capabilities, WALLY invites participants to join this innovative venture.

A Call to Future Partners

As WALLY evolves, investors and educational institutions are invited to participate in this transformative journey. By investing in WALLY, stakeholders are supporting a future where education is highly personalized, insights are gained from every click, and learning is as limitless as the internet itself. Join us in shaping a future where education is as intuitive and ubiquitous as surfing the web.