Data Accessibility with the Prometheus Catalog Service

Data Accessibility with the Prometheus Catalog Service

Since the first quarter of 2023, an innovative initiative is set to transform how organizations access and manage data across the expansive Prometheus network. Visions, a key member of the Prometheus initiative, has led the development of a pioneering catalog service, with the first version that has just launched.

The main goal of this service is to create a comprehensive catalog that serves as a hub for all services and data available on the Prometheus-enabled data network. Organizations will not only be able to search for and find datasets that meet their needs, but also view and understand the terms of use so that they can seamlessly initiate the contracting process.

Key Features and Functionalities

The catalog is designed to be highly interactive and user-friendly, offering numerous features via a dedicated interface on the Prometheus website and an API to easily connect to external systems. Key features include:

  • Registration and Management Users can register, modify, or delete services or datasets

  • Detailed Descriptions Organizations can provide comprehensive descriptions and terms of use for their datasets

  • Advanced Search Options The service offers refined search functions to locate datasets or services based on various criteria such as data type, source, terms of use and pricing

  • Interaction and Notification Users can express their interest in datasets or services and notify providers directly

  • Security and Verification The service includes robust identity verification and access rights management in accordance with Prometheus’ service governance

Development and Integration

The development of the API will leverage Visions’ existing technologies and incorporate state-of-the-art standards for describing datasets and services such as GAIA X and IDSA. The service will also support the JSON-LD format for optimal interoperability with other data spaces.

Integration efforts will connect the catalog with other Prometheus services including contracting, consent management, monitoring, and identity verification, ensuring a cohesive and secure user experience.

The Prometheus catalog service redefines the way data is accessed and managed across networks, providing greater visibility, efficiency and collaboration. The initiative promises not only better data accessibility, but also a solid framework for data interaction across different sectors and disciplines.